Day 303- Welcome To The Jungle

I’m sorry, it’s not really a jungle. It is in fact Mr SF’s yuca plant in the corner of our room, our own little jungle in the Hove bubble 🙂

It was the first day of half term today and whilst I was working from home, the Story Frame family were swimming, having coffee, shopping and doing arts and crafts activities in the house. It was lovely listening to them and it was pretty much all calm apart from a couple of times. I wonder if that will continue through the week as tiredness will set in for both of them?

It was difficult to get myself to boot camp this morning, it was cold and wet. However, I did make it and came home considerably more muddy than I have from a session yet. I have a feeling the mud situation will get worse before it gets better. I do have to have a bit of a moan though as someone let their dog just run in between us this morning whilst we were on our backs in the mud doing ab crunches. Firstly, if you saw your dog about to interfere with a class, surely you would come and put the lead back on the dog? Secondly, if you are the dog owner don’t follow suit and walk through us yourself, that’s just plain rude, horrible man!!!

Finally tonight, I want to let you fellow bloggers and/or photographers in on a little secret, Blogstomp. Those of you that haven’t heard of it, where have you been? Those of you in the know, they have upgraded and released version 2, which means being able to put together more than 4 images now. If I have completely lost you, I will explain. Blogstomp is a programme I use to put my images into the frames for the blog. Up until today, I could only put a maximum of 4 images in any one frame, but now I can put lots more. Take a look at this frame of past project images:

Pretty cool huh?

Lel xxx



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