Day 302- Sweet Child O’Mine

You certainly do keep me on my toes when it comes to the votes each week that’s for sure. At one point yesterday I thought I was going to end up with The Fratelli’s and wondered if you guys had picked up on my own musical preferences at all? However, when I woke up this morning, Guns N Roses were in the lead, and I was relieved!

I say when I woke up but myself and Mr SF had a terrible nights sleep, relegated to the floor in the spare room as we had Mr SF’s parent’s staying. I think we each managed a couple of hours sleep if we were lucky, in fact, glamping was much more comfortable than our floor was last night.

Little Miss and Mr SF had fun this evening trying not to pose for me, even though they could see I wanted I picture of them. I had them giving me very serious faces followed by rocking out to Live and Let Die and raucous laughter before I finally managed to capture tonight’s image which I really love. I know it’s not technically perfect as Mr SF has lost the top of his head, but I don’t really do this project for technical perfection. 🙂

I was tempted to convert it to black and white, but  actually think the colour adds to the warmth of the image in terms of emotion as well as the technical colour warmth.

Finally tonight, I just wanted to remind you that Mr SF finished his midnight half marathon in just under 2 hours last night. This was in aid of the British Heart Foundation and he is still £30 off of the target he set himself to raise of £100. You can still sponsor him at

Lel xxx


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