Day 298- Happy Working Song

There’s a concert in our living room this evening, complete with rock band, audience and photographer courtesy of Little Mis and her awesome Lego skills! Adding a little artistic licence I moved the photographer to the microphone for a “Happy Working Song”.

Only the die-hard Disney fans amongst you are going to know the film that this song is from. It is from Enchanted which is a film where the cartoon princess falls down a well into the real world. Cue much hilarity as she tries to fit into the real world whilst waiting for her prince to rescue her. It’s a good Sunday afternoon watch if it’s on TV or in the bargain DVD’s but I wouldn’t recommend paying full price. Here is a little taster for you:

It’s a short and sweet blog from me tonight I am afraid as I need to be up and out at 5.30am (otherwise known as early o’clock) as I have to attend a breakfast meeting at 7.30am, being a grown up is rubbish!

Lel xxx


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