Day 296- The Glow

Finally, the most anticipate birthday ever is here! Thank goodness for that I hear you all cry 🙂

It certainly does feel like Little Miss has been 4 for a long time, but 2 birthday cakes in I think it is safe to say that we have done the whole birthday thing. Although, I think we may have forgotten to measure her so that will have to wait until tomorrow for confirmation that she is tall.

The song tonight is one of Jess’ favourites and yet none of us had heard it before she got this album. The song does now make me cry as it reminds me of Jess dressed up in her ballet outfit doing her own dance in her room in front of the mirror singing along, I have no idea who she gets that from…

For those of you that haven’t got a clue what this song is, here is a link to it on You Tube with more Disney Princess action than you can shake a stick at:

I leave you tonight with the birthday girl herself.

Lel xxx


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