Day 295- When Will My Life Begin


Don’t panic, I’m not pregnant and haven’t told anyone, these images are 5 years old. However, if Little Miss had her way we would be having another baby. In church today she whispered “Mummy, please can I have a little sister for Christmas?” :s

I am going to carry on talking about Little Miss’ birthday for at least another 2 days so my apologies in advance.

I really struggled tonight and have sat for well over an hour trying to think of something and then Mr SF said about the unsung photographers that every single parent needs, the people in the hospitals that give you that scan image that you keep for always.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that it isn’t true in 100% of cases and that the scan can also be a very traumatic time. My heart absolutely aches for people in this position and I can only try to imagine what that is like.

A friend of ours is running the London Marathon next year for the Miscarriage Association, and you can sponsor him through clicking on the words GIVE US YOUR MONEY!

For now, please indulge me in my baby nostalgia.

Lel xxx


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