Day 294- Killing In The Name


Today was the annual Zombie Walk in Brighton, and although the weather wasn’t as good as last year (although I can’t comment on that as I was in Kefalonia this time last year) there was still an amazing turn out of zombies of all shapes and sizes.

It also does fit quite nicely with the last title from Rage Against The Machine that I needed to do so I was very brave and got in amongst the zombies, which I didn’t do 2 years ago, and I have to say I think I got some fabulous shots today 🙂

The lead image tonight makes me chuckle as I had worked up the courage to ask tis couple to pose, only for the girl to say “don’t you recognise me?”. I didn’t, and she said who she was and I still can’t believe it is the same person. I won’t say who she is or where I know her from to protect her professional integrity!

The scariest of them all today had to be Ronald McDonald:

It has to be said that even though I knew they weren’t real, there was a couple of moments in amongst them that I felt the adrenaline start to pump and the sweaty palms of fear set in.

I struggled with some of these to know if they should be colour or black and white, however, I love the next 2 together as it looks almost like a documentary playing out:

I will leave you tonight with some more zombies, have a good evening:

Lel xxx


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