Day 292- Settle For Nothing


Nothing in there. It’s like that most of the month to be fair, and as soon as there is anything in there it is gone again!

All joking aside, there is a serious point to tonight’s image. I am increasingly frustrated by my lack of cash, or rather, the lack of disposable cash to spend on new photography equipment specifically. In yesterday’s post I mentioned that I really do need to update my equipment, but it’s not as simple as just nipping to Argos and waiting for my box from the mysterious magical door behind which is everything you will need in the world, ever 🙂

No, I need a complete overhaul of equipment to step up from amateur/hobbyist to “photographer”. I had a conversation about this with a friend (stalker!) tonight about whether I should be calling myself a “photographer” or not. She said I absolutely should as even if it is part-time, she still thinks that the images I produce could be sold. I on the other hand was not so sure. I have a full-time job, how can I call myself a “photographer” as well?

So, do I “settle for nothing” or do I do something about it? Clearly, if you have been reading the blog for a while, you know I am not going to settle for nothing. I have set up a savings account purely for photography and I am setting up portfolio shoots. From the shout out I did a couple of weeks ago I now have 2 boudoir shoots set up in the next 2 months.

The question that I didn’t answer and alluded to previously, is how much is it actually going to cost to upgrade? The camera (no lens) is around £2k, the 2 lenses I would like are around £1k each, and then there is the upgrade or laptop and software. It is not a cheap industry my friends, not at all.

My friend also said something this evening, which a few people have now said, that I should look into exhibiting the blog images when the project is finished. In the vein of not settling, I am going to start looking into a venue, and I WILL exhibit this project. You can hold me to that decision as it is here in black and white.

Lel xxx


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