Day 291- Take The Power Back


Half way through last night’s edit, and whilst Mr SF was wrapping birthday presents for Little Miss ready for Monday, the house was plunged into darkness. No TV, no lights, nothing.

Mr SF then checked and the whole street was in darkness. Being Zombie obsessed, he then proceeded with his zombie attack checks, and no, I am not kidding! He checked the doors were locked and then went around the block in the car to see who far the power cut went, and check for zombies.

I have to say, when he came back and said there’s no zombies I did ask him what he would have done if there were, and also what he would have done having left us in the house. A nonchalant, “you guys would have been ok” met me, hmmm… 😉

I did venture outside to capture the lack of light, unfortunately my camera does not cope well with low light and as such I have had to push this image further than I would have liked in processing which has led to a loss of quality and an introduction of a lot of noise (grain to me and you).

I’m glad to say that about an hour later the power was restored and all laptops and phones are now fully charged again and I can make a cup of tea at the touch of a button, phew! However, there was something romantic about sitting in the candle light with Mr SF and the conversation we were having 🙂

Lel xxx


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