The Shooting Sisters Go Glamping

In January of this year, before I had hidden the constant feed part of Facebook, something popped up in said feed about a new group called The Shooting Sisters. Intrigued, I decided to have a look at this group to see what was going on. There were female photographers that I knew, and some I knew of, all forming a new group, this was something I needed to be part of.

After stalking the group and asking to join, and keeping my fingers crossed, I was accepted in to the group. Little did I know that this group was going to be closed and made “secret” at 25-26 members, I suddenly felt like I was at the beginning of something very special.

As the year has progressed the bond between 26 women, some of whom had never met in person, grew on a daily basis. The majority of talk is of course about photography and business, but there is more to it than that. The Shooting Sisters is a safe haven where you can have a rant if you’ve had a bad day and no one is judging you, you can have a mini nervous breakdown and these ladies will pick you up, dust you down and send you on your way.

Back in May/June, there was talk of meeting up and getting together for a weekend which would include photography, business chat, booze and laughter.

After much planning by the fabulous Johanna Garlike and Becky Male, the weekend was upon us and off we went to Featherdown Farm in Oxfordshire. I have to say that I was slightly concerned about “glamping” on a weekend in October given that my last camping adventure included a wet tipi that rained on the inside in Wales last year!

After a 5 hour drive, complete with cheesy music and the fantastic Laura of Cherry Red Photography we finally arrived in the dark and the rain. I admit that I was getting myself ready for a repeat of the rainy tipi there and then and working out how I could sneak back and sleep in my warm and cosy car.

I needn’t have worried though, the tents were amazing, and the ladies that had got there before us already had dinner cooking and the wine open.

After an evening of everyone getting to know each other a bit better, thanks to a quiz from Sally of The Photography Boutique , we all went to bed (in real beds with actual duvets I’ll have you know) with a little prayer for sunshine the next day.

When we woke up, the sunshine prayers had been answered and it was a beautiful sunny autumn day, perfect for the teen shoot that the brilliant Heidi Veitz arranged. Following this, Kate Hopewell-Smith came to talk to us about all things photography and business.

The camera’s were then put down and the wine came out for a relaxed evening watching the sunset, wheelbarrow races and even a drinking game or 2.

The next day we all went for Sunday lunch in the local pub and then all but 3 of us went home, leaving Jo, Laura and I to go on a hunt around the farm for some “detail” pictures.

I have to say, I had the most amazing and humbling weekend. The women that I was with are all incredibly talented and I have to say it has made me think more and more about my photography and where I want it to go.

So, enough of my ramblings, I am guessing you want to see some images, this is mean to be a photography blog after all 🙂

Lel xxx

P.S, I will be editing this at the weekend to give you links to all the other blogs about the glamping trip.


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