Day 288- Know Your Enemy


My eternal enemy, the bathroom scales. Seriously, I hate this small piece of glass and metal, it is evil and taunts me every single day 😦

However, this is me saying finally, I am going to take control back from the scales, and almost showing you the numbers on the scales (including huge roast dinner, pudding and 2 lbs worth of camera) means I am publically admitting where I am now.

So, what will I do about it? I have just booked my boot camp sessions for the week and will start training for the 10km I am running in November this week as well. I will cut back on the carbs that are making me podgy and sluggish and back to the protein and veggies. Food and exercise diaries will be in place this week, and I am going to get to a point where I am happy and stay there, within realistic boundaries.

What doesn’t help is that Mr SF is shrinking on a daily basis and it just makes me feel even bigger. I’m not being dramatic (ok, a little bit) but I feel like a big Stay Puff Monster next to him and it could well lead to a tragic squashing accident in the bedroom 😉

Lel xxx


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