Day 287- Something Goin’ On


Today was Little Miss Story Frames 5th Birthday party. Family members don’t panic, you haven’t got your dates wrong, we just had the party a week early 🙂

We really wanted to do something different to all of the playzone parties as we have done that for the past few years. On our quest to find something different Mr SF asked the hairdresser what she would suggest and she mentioned The Hungry Monkey and the cooking parties they could do there.

The reason we are a week early is that the amazing lady that runs the Mini Chef sessions goes on holiday for 4 weeks next week, so we had to get in quick!

If any Brighton and Hove parents are looking for a good party venue, I can not recommend this highly enough. The children prepared fresh vegetables and noodles today, and they got to chop and try all of the vegetables before the parents got to get their inner Masterchef out and cook it all up for them.

This was our first party with new school friends and although it felt a little weird to cut the ties with some of the nursery friends, its good to know that Jess has such lovely friends at school and seems to have really settled well. In fact they all had such a good time that the party over ran and we had to completely rush cake and leaving!

Cakes and party bags have certainly come a long way since the 1980’s

The rest of the day was spent taking Little Miss to another party and then sneaking a lovely lunch with Mr SF, ah, family Saturdays 🙂

Lel xxx



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