Day 286- Tubthumping


This image pretty much sums up how I felt at boot camp this morning, a tub of lard struggling to hit the pads! I have slipped off the diet and exercise wagon a bit these last 2 weeks due to photography glamping and I really need to refocus before November 18th as I have my second 10km on that day. Maybe I should print this image off and stick it on the fridge for motivation 🙂

On a completely different note, there was much excitement at Story Frame HQ last night as we booked tickets for the Chas and Dave Christmas Special at the O2 in December. Yes, you did read that right, we are off to see Chas and Dave. The last time we thought about getting tickets was 5 years ago and I was heavily pregnant with Jess and would not have made it through a concert. This year, I will not be with child and will be drinking pints and doing my best “gertcha”!

Tomorrow is Little Miss’ early birthday party with new friends from school. They are going to be cooking noodles with veggies and making jelly. Most of them then have another party in the afternoon. Seriously, these 4-5 year olds have a much better social life than we do, with much cooler activities.

Mr SF is out running in training for his half marathon in just over a week. Not content with th challenge a half marathon presents on its own, he is running it at midnight! This is all for the British Heart Foundation and he is trying to raise £100. So far he has £15, it would be great if some of my fantastic readers could make a few donations, just click on the word DONATION!

Lel xxx


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