Day 285- You Sexy Thing

I am having quite a down week. I’m not sure if it is post-glamping blues or if it is just general days getting shorter, dark evenings, rubbish weather. Either way, it’s a bit rubbish feeling like a big mopey Eeyore all the time.

Coming home to these beautiful, delicious treats has perked me right up though, one of these will most certainly have my name on with a cup of tea later 🙂 I know it may be odd, but I do love a good bit of what we call “food porn” in our house. Of course, there is only really one place that does food porn well:

Mr SF also left a card on my pillow for me, just because, which has also helped to cheer me up. I think he has had to put up with a moody Lel for a lot of this week, so I love him even more for bringing home cakes and cards and not just leaving me to wallow.

Lel xxx


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