This Weeks Vote Is Now LIVE!

It seems that there are still people who are aware of this project, but are not quite sure of what the vote is for. Here is a brief reminder, the vote is to decide the album for the week. Each day I then choose a different track from the album and try to represent this with a photo.

As far as possible, this should be a photo taken and edited on the day, them’s the rules as they say! However, rules are there to be broken and as many of you that read this every day will know, it is impossible to complete this every day and as such I have loosened off on the rules but do still try to keep up to date as far as possible.

This week’s vote is slightly different as there is no set artist, just a mass of compilations. There are some cracking titles in the mix this week including Hey Boy Hey Girl, Kiss The Rain and Tubthumping 🙂

The choice as always is yours, and you have until 10am on Sunday.

Lel xxx


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