Day 277- Friend Of Mine

Someone said to me at the weekend that friends are in your life “for a reason, a season or a lifetime”. I have to say throughout my life I have had a lot of “reason” and “season” friends and only a handful of “lifetime” friends.

The “lifetime” friends that I do have, I know would be there for me in one text, let alone phone call. They are the ones that know something is wrong from a seemingly banal Facebook post. They are the ones who will sit in bars and pick apart ex’s whilst singing the praises of each others husbands/current boyfriends and probably singing along to cheesy music whilst we are at it. They are the ones that drink with you until 3am and then eat the biggest fry up possible 🙂

The friend in this picture is undoubtedly my female rock, and although I have not known her forever like other friends, I know she is one for a “lifetime”. She is funny, intelligent, beautiful (whether she sees it or not), and incredibly generous emotionally which counts a whole lot more than money in my book. I know that she has had a tough couple of years, but want her to know that we are here for you, whenever, whatever.

Lel xxx



2 responses

  1. I have had many ‘fair weather’ friends as I call them! However I only have a handful of what I call ‘true’ friends too. But I have to say I like it that way, after all I don’t want too many people knowing my true persona and all my secrets now do I 😉

    Tee hee!

    Oh and MASSIVE apologies for neglecting your blog for sooo long!

    T x

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