Day 275- Knock ‘Em Out

The summer is definitely over in SFHQ, and to celebrate the fact, we are playing the annual cold relay. It started with Little Miss, moved to me, and now Mr SF has gone to bed early feeling decidedly rubbish 😦

The sketch/note-book came out today and I am feeling good about planning this week out. I have a very rough idea about what I am doing but more importantly I have plans for Friday and Saturday as I will be using just my phone to blog on Friday, Saturday and Sunday as I am off glamping with 14 other female photographers.

Finally, I realised today that those of you that don’t follow my FB won’t have seen the results of Saturday’s shoot with Stephen Cottrell, so here is a link to the album on Facebook, .

Stephen is also running a course to “Unleash Your Inner Photographer” on 20th October in London. There are only 18 places and it is a bargain of £75. Having spent a few hours with Stephen, I would recommend this to anyone that is having either a bit of a photography wobble or holding themselves back photography wise.

Lel xxx


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