Day 274- Littlest Things

Sometimes its easy to forget the little things. I know we all say that a lot of the time, but it is very true.

When I got home from the photo shoot yesterday  I was in a mad rush to unpack and get myself ready to go to a friends housewarming.

As I was unpacking, a little voice shouted from the hallway, “Mummy, close your eyes and hold out your hands”, then Little Miss came into the room and gave me these flowers which she had chosen herself. This one act of kindness from my very special small person stopped me in my tracks and reminded me how important these little moments are. She had also chosen different flowers for our friend and proudly gave these to her when we got to their house.

This week I am going to try to remember the little things more, and try to do little things for the people around me.

Before I sign off tonight, I had a comment on the blog today on a very old post commenting on the plethora of spelling errors in all of my posts. I have had a look back through and apart from a very few with missing letters that the spell check didn’t pick up, I can’t find much. My apologies if there are typo’s or spelling errors, I do check the posts before they go on the blog but sometimes something will slip through. However, I would urge you to remember that the blog is ultimately about the images and not about the writing.

Lel xxx



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