Day 273- Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

I have had the most amazing day and I truly thank god/ karma that I have been given the opportunity to have some amazing people come into my life.

I have spent most of the day today with Stephen Cotterell who has been amazing. I have to admit I wasn’t comfortable with being in front of the camera and Stephen really put me at ease and even threw in a bit of a life coaching counselling session in the mix!

We were completing our session at The Chattri, which is a war monument on the Sussex Downs just outside of Brighton. I have never been here before, even though I have driven past the entrance to the walk up there about a thousand times.

The tea/ snack van is highly recommended and is on Facebook. Steve who runs the tea van told us about some of the random things he had seen being in his van by the road at the roundabout and one of the most random was the boat that had been turned into a car.

After a quick cup of tea ( as I am an 80-year-old woman trapped in a 32-year-old body) we started our climb up the hill.  Unfortunately, we went the wrong way to start with and ended up climbing over numerous fences. A happy result of this was finding 2 sheep horns. I did think that Jess would have been impressed with these but she just looked at me with the same quizzical “why did you bring these home” look that John was giving me at the same time. Whatever, I climbed over fences for those!!!

Having got to the top of the hill the Chattri is breathtaking. Not in a stunningly beautiful kind of way, but in a calming and peaceful way.

The Chattri is a war memorial and in that respect it made sense to try to use the setting for today’s blog image for Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

Depending on how I feel from the images from todays shoot, I may have a new FB profile pic, or I may hide them from the world completely, you never know. Here is a little sneaky shot of Mr Cotterell for you:

This evening has been spent with family and friends and tomorrow we are finally going to see Jordon to celebrate her 21st, I’m sure her birthday has gone on for about 5 days but I guess you are only 21 once 🙂

Lel xxx


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