Day 272- Dearly Beloved

This weekend is pretty much the end of the mad wedding season for many of the professional and semi-professional photographers I know, and the start of the winter wedding season which seems to me to be a little calmer although not without challenges of light, timings, locations as with summer weddings.

I only second shot at 1 wedding this year, I loved it but it was a very long day, I would love to do more and have had some opportunities from the likes of Sally at The Photography Boutique and Karen at Karen Flower Photography but I have been unable to take up these opportunities due to family commitments on the weekends. However, please do keep me in mind, there are lots of dates from November onwards that I am available!

As a special thank you for sticking with me and reading through my daily ramblings, I am offering readers of the blog a free portrait session, all you need to do is pay for any prints you may want, the charge for which will include the edit time involved. Please note that the session is free as I will be using the images for my portfolio, on the upcoming website, social media and the blog, so be prepared! This is open for sessions up until the end of December. You can message me through the blog or though Facebook and we can book your session.

I mustn’t ramble for too long tonight though, I need my beauty sleep and need to sort out my outfit for tomorrow’s shoot with the fabulous Stephen Cotterell, how exciting 🙂

Lel xxx


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