Day 266- Feels Just Like It Should

Shh, don’t tell Mr SF that it’s all got a bit risqué again, I didn’t tell him beforehand. Mind you, we did watch Burlesque last night so I sure he knew it was only a matter of time before I got my kit off again.

I have to say, these are a little more fuzzy than I would have ideally wanted but I had a lot of focussing issues this evening and having taken about 50 shots, I was still struggling so I decided to try to go for a slightly more vintage edit that would be more sympathetic to the focus issues, hopefully it’s not as bad as I think it is!

I also had a big long chat with Mr SF tonight about planning and passion. Before you worry that I am about to share way too much with you, we are talking passion for this project, nothing more 😉

begrudgingly I will admit that he did have a fair point in that he feels I have lost some passion for the project, which I think is reflected in the missed days and then the lack of creativity in a lot of images lately. After tonight’s catch up, I am going to spend some time tomorrow in planning and getting more creative. I may need to invest in a new sketch book and just doodle for a little while but hopefully I will be able to harness the creativity that I had at the beginning with Morning Glory and Firestarter, so watch this space 🙂

Lel xxx


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