Day 262- Little L

Phew, back to the future, so to speak!

Today is LM’s final day before starting school tomorrow so it has been a day for haircuts, getting nails done, picnics in dens on the front room floor, and we will be going out with those infamous roller skates just as soon as this blog post is done.

You may be wondering why no vote this week, and it is just because we have been far too busy, but the vote will start again properly on Friday evening. In the mean time, I have chosen High Times by Jamiroquai as LM seems to really like this one and it seemed fitting to use an album she likes with such an important milestone tomorrow.

Before I go, I have to tell you how proud I am of LM for her music regognition skills in the car earlier. She heard literally one note of a piano and called out “Bennie and The Jets” from the back of the car, thats my girl 🙂

We are off to the park now, enjoy the rest of your day.

Lel xxx


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