Day 261- Radio

Fake Monday, or yesterday for those of you reading this on the day I post it 🙂

yesterday was Mummy and Little Miss day and we did it in style. We started off with a train journey into London from Brighton with Little Miss chatting all the way there. That’s an hour of chat for those that don’t know the length of the journey.

From Victoria we ventured onto the underground to South Kensington where we spent a few hours in the Science Museum. I would thoroughly recommend the Science Museum and launchpad never fails t amuse the smalls. I have to say, at nearly 5, Little Miss was able to complete the activities and start to understand some of the scientific principles between liquids and solids, levers and pulleys and how they work. I have to admit to a certain sense of irony that in my week off I spent part of my first day immersing myself back into engineering and science!

After the museum, we headed to Chinatown for noodles as Little Miss had never been. She absolutely loved it and chose the restaurant based on the fact that it looked like a house from Kung Fu Panda 🙂

Once finished, we headed to the Emirates Cable Car across the Thames. A note to any of you that ae still to go on it, the climb up is significantly steeper at North Greenwich than at the other side, and it does wobble in the wind! I admit it, I was petrified on that thing! It’s very high up, and although I am not that afraid of heights, i am afraid of coming down 😦 Little Miss was awesome though and held my hand all the way.

We then decided to get the Thames Clipper back to Waterloo rather than getting back on the tube. With our Travelcards for the day we got a third of the price, plus I didn’t have to pay for LM as she is still under 5, so at £4 it was well worth it. It was a longer journey than I had expected but it was worth it for the look on her face when we went under Tower Bridge and alongside the London Eye.

All in all we had a great day, and the taxi back from Brighton station was well needed. The final late bed time before school begins for LM, and it was well worth every minute.

Lel xxx



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