Days 254 & 255

Day 254- My Dad’s Gone Crazy

I know you have seen similar to this image before, and this is one of the out takes from another day, but “My Dad’s Gone Crazy” is such a Jessica thing to say I just had to find a picture of the two of them being silly together.


Day 255- Without Me

Mr SF and Little Miss have a very strong bond, and I sometimes feel as if I am a spare part when it is the three of us. Unfortunately, when you work full-time and a lot of that time has previously been spent in London with a large commute, it is inevitable that you won’t be as close to your family as you like.

However, having changed my job, I now have more time with the two most important people in my life and now there is very rarely any of these “Without Me” times.

I have also consciously not pursued my photography as much as I could have, so that I can put quality family time first this year. It’s an important year for Little Miss with a lot of change in terms of staring school next week and I want to make sure she gets enough Mummy time as and when she needs it.

Before I sign off for the evening and watch the end of Don’t Tell The Bride (love it!), I just wanted to remind you that if you want to sponsor me for the run on Sunday and can’t do it online, you can text “LELH80 £5” to 70070, thanks 🙂

Lel xxx





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