Day 253- Drips

Did you ever play that game on long journeys when you were a child where you would pick 2 drips and watch them run down the window and see which one would win? I did, loads. I did have a lot of opportunity though as we travelled to and from Devon a lot and if there is one thing that most people know about Devon, it is the amount of rain there is!

These 2 images tested my focussing skills. I had to shift out of auto-focus as the lens just couldn’t pick up the drips from the items in the background. I was a little concerned about this having read a post by a friend earlier about focus and astigmatism (that’s wonky eye balls to you and me, or eye bulbs if you are Little Miss) but took a deep breath and gave it a go.

Its been an emotional day here so a slightly sombre image seemed appropriate. Our vicar has left our church to join a new parish and it has hit me quite hard. The vicar helped me to see through grief, helped me through mental illness, helped to bring family SF together, christened Jess and generally made our family feel welcome and special when we moved to Hove 2 years ago. He is not your run of the mill vicar, he has been seen as controversial by some, and has been told to his face by some that he needs to check if he is in the right vocation.

I however agree with someone else who told him he has a gift for healing. A no nonsense, tell it like it is vicar may not suit some, but for Family SF he was exactly what we needed at exactly the right time and I am sure we will never ever forget him.

I’m off to hold my family close so go and give your loved ones a squeeze, just because you can.

Lel xxx


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