Day 251- Pretty Things

Little Miss took tonight’s photo. Yes, you read that right, Little Miss was using my camera, its ok though, she only had the 50mm lens and I made sure she was wearing the neck strap.

The necklace I have on was my second Mothers Day present (the first was an orchid which I have still not managed to kill!), and is Little Miss’ finger print in a silver heart.

Today was her meeting with her school teacher and I think it really got to her. Poor Little Miss completely lost the plot and regressed to noises and yes/no answers to questions. I’m sure it is just her way of coping with the massive change from nursery to school but I can’t help worrying about her a little bit now.

We are off to Legoland tomorrow and  think Little Miss got a bit confused and though it was an actual land of Lego that we had to get a plane to. Even after telling her it is only a car ride away and not another country, she still asked if it is by the equator 🙂

Thankfully I am all caught up project wise now, and the vote will be up later on this evening, I’m going to watch Eastenders first, I know its rubbish but I love it!

Lel xxx



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