A 3 Day Final Olympic Bonanza

Day 246- Happy Now

Day 247- Wait

Day 248- Kidz

I know it has been a 3 day Paralymics extravaganza on the blog, but we did really have such an awesome time.

The smiles when athletes won medals and throughout the medal ceremony’s will stay with me forever, the dedication and hard work finally paying off with that all important gold, silver and bronze.

The wait for silence, taking aim, and scoring the perfect ten in the archery. A choice of sport from Little Miss which was unexpected and yet fantastic. We even got a chance to try out archery ourselves which Little Miss thought was fantastic.

These were also the games of the social media era, and no where was this more apparent than in the stadium. The child in front of us at the point of taking this shot had an iPad in his hand and his mobile. I have no doubt that the race he filmed on the iPad was straight on Facebook seconds after the end. Luckily for him, it was a world record-breaking result on this race.

Talking of world records, we saw them broken at least 5 times whilst we sat in he stadium, again an indication of the dedication of the athletes we saw.

however, please remember this, we went to the Paralympics, these athletes have had remarkable journeys to get to where they are and the respect that we have for them will do nothing but grow.

Paralympic athletes, we salute you.

Lel xxx






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  1. My favorite part of the two weeks was the opening ceremony. The memories I have from that one night will stay with me forever. The feeling of being a part of Team USA, not just USA Field Hockey, was incredible. I met athletes from every sport as we walked and wove and navigated our way to the stadium. A rush of emotion took over as we entered the stadium for the first time, behind our flag, as the world was watching. I still get chills. The rest of the ceremony seemed to fly by, until “Hey Jude” played over the loudspeakers.

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