Day 243- She’s A Rainbow


Ok, so its a terrible photo from my phone, of me in the mirror, but I had so many colours on, plus I just wanted to show off the results of 4 weeks worth of bootcamp 🙂

The jeans are my aqua ones that John bought for me. Although they did fit a few weeks ago, they literally only just fit with a lot of muffin top action. Now, they fit well with no muffin top, huzzah!

You also can’t see well in this picture but my top is completely multi colour and I Rockefeller out the Vivien Westwood shoes again tonight which are lilac, so I was indeed a rainbow.

The reason for the phone snap is of course that tonight was our second date night in a row. With Little Miss away at the Grandparents, I was able to book a restaurant and surprise Mr SF, a big thing for me as I would usually have told him where we were going as the excitement would have overcome the surprise.

We went to a restaurant called 24 St George which is in Kemp Town and it was fantastic. The service was great and the food just as good. Think Masterchef and you’ll have some idea of the menu. I can safely say that we would both thoroughly recommend this restaurant, plus they serve Prosecco by the glass so what’s not to love 🙂

Lel xxx


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