Day 238- Hey, Johnny Park!

Guess where we went today? šŸ™‚

It was typical bank holiday weekend weather in Brighton today and so we donned our wellies and waterproofs (well, Jess and I did) and went for a walk, via the coffee shop, to St Anne’s Well Gardens.

I’ve not been to this park before but it was lovely. Some really nice nature features for the children and a fantastic playground that we obviously made good use of.

We had talked about this image all week but I have to admit I was very nervous at the amount of editing that I would have to do to pull this off, and how difficult it would be with playground equipment that moves, never mind the light changing while taking the individual images.

There are 10 “Johns” in this image, and 1 seagull šŸ™‚ I’m hoping i doesn’t look too much like cut and stick but after just over 2 hours of edit time, I needed to stop.

We also saw the statutory lost shoe at the park today, poor shoe, I hope it has a good adventure before finding its way home:

Lel xxx


3 responses

    • Patience is needed, I have to say I ditched about 6 more images that should have gone on as it got too difficult with wobbly ropes and chains

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