Day 236- See You

Busted- the little girl did indeed see me. It’s a shame actually as I was about to catch the Mum eating the ice cream and the ice cream seller interacting, and then they all moved! Never work with children and animals (or any human!).

Some of you may remember me saying about Little Miss and her recurring tonsilitis and the never-ending cough. We went to the doctors tonight and I am glad to say they took us seriously today and will be referring us for an ENT appointment at the hospital to get the tonsils checked out properly. I am relieved but it is going to cost me a fortune in ice cream as I told Jess she can have an ice cream after the doctors today and I may have set a standard for appointments from now on, oops!!

I also have to share that I am strangely looking forward to going to boot camp tomorrow and even found myself getting in some press ups, lunges and sit ups today! I think I may have found a new habit 🙂 Now to sort my eating out and I may actually see some benefit from this fitness kick.

Lel xxx


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