Day 232- My Poor Brain

There weren’t many votes this week, I wonder if this is a case of vote fatigue, holidays, not knowing the album tracks or a bit of all 3? In any case, the result was a tie between Cast and Foo Fighters, so I went with Foo Fighters.

I have 2 versions of tonight’s image although I have to say I prefer the top one, slightly more exposed and slightly less obvious on first glance as to what it is than the below image:

I also have to admit that my makeshift white background is in fact the toilet lid! I get to shoot in only the classier of locations don’t you know 🙂

Weirdly, I did have to take some of these yesterday as the heat got the better of me and I ended up fending off the headache monster and going to bed at 9.30pm last night, and that was after a sleep in the afternoon as well.

Today we went to Littlehampton to meet up with some other local photographers to relive a shoot we completed last year. The only thing is that unfortunately due to traffic, public transport and various other issues, the make up artist and some of the models turned up quite late and I had to leave before the shoot began in the end. however, it was really nice meeting up with some other photographers that I haven’t seen for ages. The sad part was giving The Light Whisperer back his lens that he lent to me back on May 😦

Finally, I just have to say thank you to Emma from Emmy Lou Photography for saying I look “trim”. Next week will be week 3 of bootcamp and week 2 of diet, so lets see how I am feeling by Friday 🙂

Lel xxx


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