Day 229- Love Island

The titles on this album are all very hard, as of now! Thankfully, I only have 2 days left (not including today), and I can get some Brighton based shots as I am not driving around the country tomorrow or Saturday.

As usual, when the titles get tough, I resort to food! Mr SF and I were trying to think of ideas fr the titles and we came across “Love Island” and went backwards and forwards, but I couldn’t get the image of floating islands out of my head. It’s a bit of a retro dessert which involves poaching meringue in custard (I think!).

Obviously, I didn’t think I was going to be able to poach heart shapes so I had to improvise. Those of you that follow me on Facebook will know that I spent some time earlier this evening making pink meringues. Once these were cooked, I painstakingly made custard. OK, I poured hot water into instant custard, but the effect is the same.

I then just added the elements together and voila! Love Island!

I know it is kitsch and camp but I had to get my Brighton vibe in there somewhere today 🙂

Lel xxx

P.S- I wrote “I love you” in icing on it afterwards and left it for Mr SF, who said romance is dead…


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