Day 221- Under The Bridge

I will admit, I have been distracted this week from the photo project for a number of reasons. I have been needed by friends in time of need and that is just more important for me than this project. you see, family and friends have to come first, that’s how we roll here at SFHQ.

The other reason for the distraction (and no post last night) is that I have started Boot Camp. I have really enjoyed it but I have booked the 7am session in the morning and I can hardly move following sessions yesterday and today so I have no idea what my body is going to do with getting up at silly o’clock to exercise on the seafront. However, i have cancelled my gym membership in favour of this so I hope it works!

Because of this, I decided to use some images that have been sat in the “to edit” pile for tonight. Firstly, it makes me finally edit them, and secondly the person in them is my cousin who is currently working at the Edinburgh festival and was feeling a bit home sick last week. I have a couple more images for her of her and her man, which I will put straight onto her Facebook page, and hopefully that will give her some smiles for today.

Lel xx


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