Day 220- They’re Red Hot

I admit it, I succumbed to the hype around the Shades of Grey series of books and bought this on my trip to Newcastle last week.

As I sat on the flight writing for take off, the Swedish business man next to me put down his copy of George Orwell’s Animal Farm next to me. I remarked in passing that it was a good book (Animal Farm, not Shades) and he told me how he had read it in swedish but now he had an english copy he wanted to read it again to see if anything was lost in translation. Pointing at my open book, he asked what I was reading. My answer? “This, oh this is just trash, totally not literature worth talking about…”

I’m not that far from the truth as far through the book as I am. Speaking in a literary sense, it is very simple, there is a lot of repetition and it is definitely targeted at the masses. Now, don’t get me wrong, there is a certain level of smut but I can see why it has been dubbed “mummy porn”. I will however persevere with the first in the series, it would be rude not to now that I have started 😉

Lel xxx



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