Day 215- Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word

Apologies to you all tonight, I did purposefully not do this yesterday, I was properly tired and grumpy (sorry Mr SF!).

Also, tonight should have been done a lot earlier, the images were taken and then a trip to A&E scuppered my plans. Little Miss has suspected tonsilitis again although there was a scary moment when the A&E GP went quiet and then phoned pediatrics to refer us with meningitis type symptoms- cue scared Mummy trying not to let Jess show I am actually scared.

I have to admit, John arriving at the hospital (fresh from his run as we left when he was part way through and left him a post it on the door, sorry again!) was like a knight in shining armour arriving.

Mr SF, you are my rock, thank you for being you.

Lel xxx


2 responses

  1. 12 miles i ran, pretty much to the hospital and back! There was a moment when i was locked out and thought i might have to run another 6 miles. . . Would have done it for you guys though x

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