Day 214- Blue Eyes

The danger with being able to adapt your appearance in Photoshop is that when you look in a normal mirror, the person staring back is not the person you want to be and you end up mentally cloning, patching and smoothing whilst also removing wrinkles and eye bags…

My eyes are blue, although that is what I think. Mr SF tells me that some days they look almost green, and other days they look very dark. I’ve never really looked much past blue/green if I am honest but with this edit tonight, I actually found a lot more brown in my eyes than I thought, which made making the blue stand out much more difficult than I would have thought.

Now, obviously, I could have gone the colour pop route, which I actually hate with a passion. I don’t know if it is a photographer thing, but I just don’t understand what people see in making everything black and white and leaving one colour? To me it looks tacky and cheap, but here i is just for the sheer hell of it:

Having said I don’t like it, I am guessing some of you will end up preferring this version, and there is a certain something to it, but my gut feeling is that it lurches too far towards tacky for my own liking.

Lel xxx


4 responses

  1. Lel, this is fantastic! I hate the coloured eyes in the black and white image … cliched and tacky! I’m really interested in your comments about the difference between the photoshopped image and looking in the mirror – isn’t it so sad that we can’t accept ourseves as we are. Fabulous write up Lel with some thought provoking comments. Those comments would make a fascinating set of images… have you thought about that?

  2. Like a before and after? I hadn’t thought about that, I’d have to schedule it for post watershed, images of me make up less and no photoshop is not for the eyes of children!

  3. Hey … who cares about watershed!! lol!! What I’m thinking is a set of photos before and after but what about asking a group of people to support these images with their own so that this becomes more of a challenge to our notions of how we’re supposed to look?

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