Day 213- Honky Cat

We don’t have a cat here at Story Frame HQ. In fact, we don’t have a pet at all. Little Miss would love a hamster/guinea pig/cat/fish in fact, any type of pet. Mr SF won’t have a cat, and I will only have a cat, so we have a bit of a pet stand-off going on.

This evening I decided to go out and try to find the friendly neighbourhood tabby cat, which I think may have come into the house this morning as whilst getting ready I heard the sound of “there’s a cat in the house!” from Mr SF as he came back in from the car.

However, I couldn’t find the tabby but this lovely black cat was across the road, and was a willing model although I couldn’t get it to open its eyes as much as I would have wanted.

Apologies that this did not get taken and posted yesterday, I was on the noisiest flight home from Newcastle (think screaming children and cackling women) and then when I got home I was presented with a plate of cake and a cup of tea, my man knows me well 🙂 By the time I worked my way through all that, all I wanted to do was sleep.

I have also forgotten to say a massive Happy Birthday to my cousin who is now 18, this obviously makes me feel ridiculously old. We sent a card jam-packed with sprinkles however, it rattled so much that his Mum worked it out and he opened it over a bag. Damn it, better luck next time 😉

Lel xxx


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