Day 211- Kiss The Bride

I fully admit that I am currently sat on the sofa, watching the Olympics swimming and editing, hence why we have dipped into the wedding archive for “The Kiss”, but what lovely kisses they are, plus there is a cameo appearance of Kate Hopewell Smith, what more could you want on a Sunday evening? 🙂

Congratulations to Armistead in the cycling today and Addlington in the swimming on the team GB medals today, its good to see strong female role models coming through this olympics. Little Miss has already decided she wants to do gymnastics and seeing the pictures of what she got up to at the park with Nanna and Grandad it doesn’t surprise me.

It’s Elton John again this week but a different album. However, it is made trickier as I have to remember the titles I have already tackled so that I don’t double up and I am off to the north of the country tomorrow, so far north I am going by plane, so lots of planning needed.

Have a great week all.

Lel xxx


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