Day 208- The Circus

So it begins, The Circus which is London 2012 finally starts tonight with fake clouds and random parts of the countryside including what looks like a maypole in the middle of a stadium in the heart of East London, that’s not at all confusing for the thousands of tourists around!

Little Miss is staying up to try to watch the ceremony although we thought it started at 7.30 and now realise it starts at 9.00pm so we have our doubts as to how much she will actually see before the sleep fairy takes control đŸ™‚

Also, before you point it out, I know I am a day behind but (and don’t tell anyone this) I had a night out last night. Shhhh, I know, I should have done my picture, but the beer gardening weather was just too much of a draw. Plus, who knows when the next sunny week will be.

To the 3 people I know who are in the opening ceremony, enjoy it, we will be looking out for you and we are proud of all of you.

Lel xxx


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