Day 207- How Did It Come To This

Little Miss Story Frame presents “Cowboy Rock”


How Did It Come To This? On Sunday evening, Little Miss panicked. “Mummy, I haven’t done my picture for today!” was the reason I got for said panic.

I asked her what her picture was and she said “Cowboy Rock”. Furthermore, this included my cowboy boots, her Jessie costume (which is now far too small) and her guitar.

Due to the good weather, we have had to put off doing this picture for the past couple of days but today it hadto be done, as today was her own sel-imposed deadline.

I have a feeling that this project has become so much a part of our lives that my little 4-year-old thinks it is normal to complete a picture per day. Which is fine but it means I will have to do 2 per day. maybe I should give her a blog of her own 🙂

I have to say, I’m not sure what I am more worried about, the fact she has far more imagination than I do (this is fine, the evil which is inhibition has not got to her yet) or the poses she is pulling and the incredibly easy to follow direction that she gives!

Before I go tonight, I have one more important thing to say:

Happy Birthday Mum x

Lel xxx



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