Day 204- You

For most people who read this blog, I communicate with you through my camera and my laptop, and most of you will see me with my camera at my face. This was what I was thinking about when looking at the title “You” tonight.

We have had a great day with extended family today although Mr SF did have a point when driving out of Brighton today as it was the first sunny day in ages and we were heading away from the coast. However, we have to admit to feeling a bit smug on the journey home when we saw the traffic heading back to London queueing all the way back to Gatwick!

I also think that the pudding extravaganza today made up for it as well. There were 2 cheesecakes, apple cake, peach crumble, chocolate brownies, chocolate brownie cake thing from M&S (aka food porn), lemon curd ice cream, jelly and mousse. Seriously, this family know good pudding! Even Little Miss had 2 rounds of every pudding, although not the jelly 🙂

I have to admit though, my eye’s were bigger than my belly and my tummy is a bit sore now, back to the fruit and greek yoghurt tomorrow.

I hope you all enjoyed the sun, Mr SF says that it will last about a week and then it will be hit and miss again, so enjoy it while it lasts.

Lel xx


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