Day 203- Something Kinda Funny

This is not fancy pants Photoshop editing, we really bought roses that look like this. Jess and I walked passed them this morning and it was all I could do to stop her from running back to get them, bearing in mind that the flower stall wasn’t even open then!

On our way back down the street, we asked the man for some and we got 10 for the bargain price of £2 as he didn’t have the right change for what they really cost, result for me 🙂

We have spent a while today trying to work out how they were coloured, as we know about putting flowers in water with food colouring bt have never seen this effect before. I for one am very glad we found these as it made my job easy for tonight’s image (thank you fate).

I am going to take an educated guess now as I have not checked the vote and suggest that next week will probably be Take That, so I better get my thinking cap on.

In other news, I have just baked a cheese cake ready for a family BBQ tomorrow for both my Aunt and my Mum’s birthdays, plus I have also realised that it is my cousin’s 18th in a week, lots of celebrations all round tomorrow then 🙂

Have a good evening guys.

Lel xxx


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