Day 201- Mamma

Back in May you might remember me posting about attending the Aspire Yummy Mummy’s course. If you don’t remember the course, there is no doubt you will remember the epic journey I took to get there, and the fabulous “Back To Black” picture I managed to get whilst on the Boudoir course the day after Yummy Mummy’s.

The reason I bring this up, is that I have been mistaken for the gorgeous Sophie with the beautiful bump that we had the pleasure to photograph so tonight I wanted to firstly prove it wasn’t me with the bump, but also post some of the rest of the images I managed to capture as I have no doubt that baby has now joined us.

Sophie had the most gorgeous vintage inspired tea dress on, which I took my inspiration from for the edits:

Sophie also had the most gorgeous underwear on, and very bravely modelled for us in her underwear in the alleyway- who said modelling was all glamour? 🙂

I know I have cheated a bit tonight with older images, but it has given me the opportunity to finally get around to completing the edits on these and try some slightly different edits that are a little out of my comfort zone.

Thank you Sophie, and I hope everything is going well with baby.

Lel xxx


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