Day 197-Naked

Grrr, I do hate it when I take my shot and then notice something in the edit that i should have moved. So, the radio in the top shot shouldn’t really be there, but there it is 😦

I have to say, I did nearly flood the bathroom doing this tonight. It’s not easy trying to set up the timer on the camera, jump in and out of the shower and get the focus right etc without getting a bit of water on the floor. On the up side, at least the floor is quite clean now 🙂

There was an awful lot of voting activity this week you cheeky lot! In fact, there were 559 votes however, Spice Girls was the obvious winner courtesy of my cousin who decided it was about time we had another week of 1990’s cheese, thank you!

The titles are a bit tricky this week so I am going to have to dig the sketch book out and have a bit of a brain storming session.

Mr SF has just put Alien on the TV, which has got to be my cue to go and get a drink, hope you all have a good Sunday evening (what’s left of it!).

Lel xxx


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