Day 196- Bright Lights Bigger City

I know, only I would wait until the middle of summer and decide to do a shot that needed to be at night-time, and after a day at the Air Show. Bonkers again.

Last night we scoped out the top-level of the NCP car park in the middle of Brighton. I wanted to show the lights in the city, but not in the conventional way that you would usually see Brighton with the pier or the pavilion or the nightclubs, I wanted it to be more real than that.

Out of the 2 images, I like the second the most as it has so many elements. Firstly it has the car park on the right and the shopping centre on the left, the road then leads down to West Street and all of the hustle and bustle of Brighton at night, and then in the distance the more residential areas and the lights snaking along the seafront.

However, the first image (although a little blurry through my tired eyes) gives the view of so many different ways of living in the city. It does make me wonder about all the different things people are doing with their Saturday night, I am guessing I am one of a handful of people sat on the sofa in pyjamas (otherwise known as relaxy pants) writing a blog 🙂

Lel xxx



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