Day 193- Old Fashioned

My Aunt came to my house last year with a big camera bag. Inside it was the above beautiful film camera and a myriad of lenses and filters to try out. I am so lucky that she said I could keep it, especially when I know she probably could have got a good price for all of this on e-bay (don’t worry, its safe from Ebay in my house!).

I also managed to pick up a lot of film, colour and black & white, from freecycle. For those of you that haven’t heard of it (why not?), it is a website where you can advertise the things you want r want to get rid of, and people can pick them up. No money changes hands, it’s basically recycling the stuff you don’t want and can’t be bothered to sell or don’t want to sell.

I think it is about time I started to think about using this film so as soon as I have worked out how to get the camera open, I will get cracking! Otherwise I will be digging out the old Canon SLR and giving that an airing instead šŸ™‚

Lel xxx


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