Day 190- Wildflower

Whoever said the readers of this blog were predictable? I was pretty certain you would go for Rizzle Kicks this week and I can usually tell which way the vote is going to go by the time I go to bed on a Friday night. However, it was a close one this week and over the course of Friday night and yesterday, it could have been any of the 3 albums.

We have had a weekend of children’s parties this weekend so I haven’t been able to sneak a look either so it was only when Mr Story Frame told me earlier that I found out it was Cee Lo Green.

In fact, someone passed a comment on Saturday that I “love” Facebook. Well, if you mean that I try to utilise Facebook to market my blog and photography in general then yes, I guess I do love it. It’s also an outlet that pretty much all my close family use and is pretty much the only way any of us know what the others are doing. I am not ashamed of my love affair with Facebook, it has put me in touch with some amazing people who I would never have spoken to without it.

Tonight’s image is from the wildflower seeds Mr SF and Little Miss planted in the garden. This is our only remaining poppy and it took a little bit of stem weaving to keep it still enough for a picture in all of the wind and rain today. I don’t tend to enjoy nature type shots, and true to form I did find this a little bit uninspiring but stuck with it to see what I could come up with. This is probably the quickest and easiest song title for the week so I am going to need some planning for the rest of the week.

I’m off now to go and sign up for boot camp classes and to plan food for the week, after a weekend of indulgence it’s time to remotivate and reinvigorate in order to get back to the me I want 🙂

Lel xxx


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