Day 188- 2 Steps Behind

I know most of you that follow me on Facebook would have sen this image before but stick with me.

You see, I did ask both Mr SF and Little Miss to help me with this image tonight, but then Jess promptly puked so it had to be scrapped.

However, with Jess having her taster session at school today, this was the song title I wanted for today, and more with Daddy and Jess rather than Mummy as it is Daddy that is always 2 steps behind, and not really me. It’s always been him who would stop the buggy in the middle of the street to make sure her blankets were just right, or stops her now to make sure her coat is done up. It’s Dad that she goes to first thing in the morning and Dad that she wants if she is poorly.

I know they say that there is a special bond between father and daughter, and that is definitely the case in our house, whether they are fighting with each other or lying on the floor building Lego at the weekend.

Have a good weekend guys, my apologies for a couple of archive photo’s this week, especially after saying I would try not to, but I do feel better for having caught up πŸ™‚

Lel xxx


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