Day 184- Rock Of Ages

There’s not much to report from Story Frame HQ today, Little Miss was sent home early from nursery with a temperature and a headache. Nothing that Calpol, a Disney film and a bowl of ice cream wouldn’t fix 🙂

I’ve finally got around to sorting out a night out with my girls, I think it is about a year since my last girlie night out so I literally cannot wait for Bellini’s and singing, hurrah.

Tomorrow evening Mr SF and I are off for our first parents evening type thing at Little Miss’ new school, and then she has her taster session on Friday. I can’t believe she is going to school this year. I know when she was a baby people told me the years would fly by and at the time I could feel every excruciating minute of  “new-born hell” and just wanted her to get a bit older. Now I sometimes wish I could keep her as she is now, but I know I can’t have that.

I have to admit, I think I am more nervous about the whole school thing than Jess is, I’ve never been a Mummy’s Mum, I’ve never really done NCT or Mum and Baby stuff, so I have never been part of the coffee morning brigade. I’m not sure how I am going to cope with the likes of the PTA and playground politics, we will wait and see if I manage to weather these alien concepts come September!

Lel xxx


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