Day 182- Mr Brightside

Little bits of light equals oodles of drama- I love seeing what the light looks like when you get rid of most of it.

I have to admit, Mr Story Frame is not the best of models, it’s very hard to get him to take it seriously and not have him with a massive grin on his face!

We started off with his back to the curtains, and then I got him to turn very slowly until the light fell more on one side than the other, hence “Mr Brightside”. Get it? 🙂

I know that for a lot of our friends this song holds lots of memories and is close to their hearts, which is why Mr SF is in the image as he is close to my heart.

The only problem is that I was standing on a chair and Mr SF had his knees bent, so this is a little out of focus as both of us were a bit unstable, oops!

On another note, it seems that someone (JASON DOYLE!!!) has fixed the vote and unless there is another huge surge, it is very likely that we will have some rock to keep us going next week. Tomorrow is the half way point for this whole project so it seems fitting to have a week with titles such as “Photograph” and “Hysteria”.

I hope you are all having a good weekend, after tomorrow it’s all downhill to Christmas 🙂

Lel xxx


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