Day 181- Andy, You’re A Star

Andy Wilson was fabulous today. We had an hour and managed to pack lots into this. The first shots we took around a church yard and I love the juxtaposition of Andy and the church. Those of you that know Andy will know that as a photographer he takes quite a lot of pictures of ladies in their underwear, so I liked the idea of him being in the church doorway ready to repent his sins πŸ™‚

The next image plays on the voyeuristic elements of Andy’s photography, although again with a twist as it is the church window he is looking through:

I then thought it would be fun to picture Andy as destitute, with only his cameras to make a living. I did get a bit mean at this point and get Andy to sit on the floor, even though it had just been raining (sorry Andy!!):

I then wanted to get some shots that showed Andy’s personality a bit more, and wanted to break the image of Andy that has built up through Facebook. Andy and I spoke today about the perception that people can have of you due to what you put out there on social media. Although Andy seems to take a plethora of images of young girls in their underwear, Andy is actually a lovely guy, and is in no way a “dirty old man” in the context that I have seen some imply on Facebook.

It was great watching Andy talking about his images and he showed me the most beautiful sun flare image that he had taken a while ago, it was stunning. Andy lit up when he was talking, and when he was showing me the great comments his recent images had on Facebook.

Thank you Andy for today, you really are a star!

If you fancy checking out Andy’s work (and well you should), you can find some here .

Lel xxx


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